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Therapeutic Approach

Design Your Life

Become the Best Version of You!

We provide a safe and confidential space for you to release tension, sadness and pain, so that you can flourish towards a new level of self actualization and personal success. We firmly believe that each person has the power to carefully design their life, to one in which they can find joy, ease and excitement on a more regular basis. We understand that most of what keeps one stuck, has nothing to do with internal motivation; rather, it has to do with how our mind processes information and experiences from the past.  You may think of it as the old thoughts and memories being on replay every time they come to mind, causing us to re-experience the feelings and sensations attached to them. This is why it can be so painful.


We incorporate mindfulness, hypnosis, subconscious change techniques and spirituality into treatment, as desired by the individual client.

Therapeutic Therapy

This is a safe space in which you can develop a professional relationship that will assist in your well-being. It is a space where you can resolve problems, learn new ways of thinking, coping and being. It is a place where you can look within and re-connect with your inner power.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a mental state or set of attitudes and beliefs usually induced by a set of suggestions. It is a very relaxed, wakeful state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility, with diminished peripheral awareness.


In this state a person is open to positive suggestions that can more easily restructure thoughts and beliefs.


During this process the client is in complete control of their self and may only be hypnotized if they have the desire, and they will only accept suggestions that are in their best interest.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR) is an innovative therapeutic technique that painlessly and completely eliminates the negative influences of traumatic events. This integrative approach completely resolves the psychological and physiological effects of trauma.


This cutting-edge approach to healing and positive change utilizes precise multilevel hypnotic communication. Unlike other approaches to trauma treatment which require the client to experience painful emotions while reliving the traumatic event, Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution clears the effects of trauma gently and painlessly. The exact traumatic event needing resolution is gently brought to mind even if it has been repressed or forgotten. With the use of RTR, the client experiences through every facet of their mind and body these experiences are finished and gone. Negative emotions are replaced with energy and peace and self-destructive behavioral patterns disappear.

Corporate Workshops

I am available for consultation to address any concerns regarding attitudes, behaviors, crisis situations or goal achievement in your company.


I am available to provide workshops to your employees, that include an educational component, as well as, relaxation techniques, a guided meditation or hypnosis for your desired outcome. 


  • Stress Management

  • Performance Improvement

  • Self-confidence

  • The Power of Thought

  • Team Building

  • Goal Achievement


Let's talk and we can figure out what would best fit your needs.

  • Relaxation and Well-being

  • Parenting

  • Stress Management

  • Self Care


PSYCH-K® is an easy, fast & efficient set of processes that create an update in beliefs. The effect is a re-writing of self-limiting subconscious beliefs into life-enhancing subconscious beliefs. Click here to learn more about PSYCH-K®


I have extensive experience working with and in Law Enforcement, and I fully understand the daily stress that accompanies these jobs and how this affects not only mind and body but most importantly how it affects interpersonal relationships and future emotional outcomes.


My goal is to assist you in a very confidential and professional manner. Therefore, we provide a professional discount, to ensure that you can receive affordable and truly confidential treatment (which is not achieved when using insurance). Please ask about my experience, I would love to talk with you!

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