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Anxiety Treatment

Are You Stuck In A Cycle Of Looping, Anxious Thoughts?

Have you been experiencing a heightened level of stress that’s impacting your ability to feel good and function normally? Do you often worry about what others think of you? Are you stressed about financial problems? Do fears or phobias hold you back from participating in activities, going certain places or enjoying the simple things in life? Perhaps anxiety has begun to manifest physically through frequent headaches, sweatiness, nausea, a racing heartbeat or shortness of breath. Or maybe racing thoughts are keeping you from being present and impacting your ability to maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends or excel at your job. Do you avoid new activities or change because uncertain or unfamiliar situations worry you? Do you wish you could feel more relaxed, centered and move forward in a fulfilling life?


Anxiety can drain you of energy, steal your focus and make many – if not all – aspects of your life feel chaotic. Racing thoughts and uncomfortable feelings can make it hard to fall and stay asleep, causing you to wake up groggy and perhaps even more worried in the morning. At work, you may feel overwhelmed as you overthink and worry about the smallest of problems. Throughout the evening, you may start to feel stressed about your current financial situation or ask yourself countless “what if” questions. Your relationships with your loved ones may also be suffering. When anxiety takes over, it becomes challenging to slow down your mind and maintain meaningful connections.


Anxiety Is Very Common In Our Culture


Anxiety affects millions of Americans every year. It’s the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder, and almost everyone experiences some level of anxiety. Some people are naturally predisposed to developing anxiety – especially those who grew up around an anxious family member – however, anxiety can also be triggered by trauma, a significant life transition or loss.


Many cultural and societal norms also contribute to why so many struggle with stress and anxiety. Attempting to live up to societal expectations, such as getting a good education, finding the right partner and raising children, causes countless people to overload their schedules and constantly question what’s next rather than enjoy the present moment.


While most people will experience periods of heightened stress, if stress, worries and fears have begun impacting your ability to function normally and enjoy your life, anxiety treatment can help you find relief. An experienced therapist can help you better understand your experience and develop tools that can help you let go of anxiety and live a calmer, more confident and joyful life.


Maintain A Calm State Of Mind With Anxiety Treatment


Even if you feel helpless and controlled by anxiety, you can find relief. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, you and I will work collaboratively to develop a tailored plan to help you alleviate your feelings of worry. With guidance, support and a willingness to self-explore, you can confidently move forward in life with the tools needed to live without the burden of racing thoughts. For your comfort and convenience, I offer anxiety treatment sessions both online and in person.


In sessions, I can help you identify, explore and address the root causes of and your triggers to anxiety. Once we develop an awareness about how anxiety is manifesting and impacting your life, we can explore different strategies and techniques you can use to find immediate relief from anxious thoughts and remain calm when you are on your own. Depending on the type and severity of the anxiety you experience, I will tailor these strategies to best fit your needs and interests.


One of the most helpful anxiety treatment techniques is hypnotherapy. During hypnotherapy, you will have the opportunity to regain control over your emotional responses and reframe some of the ingrained thoughts that contribute to your worry. In addition, hypnotherapy sessions can also help you move past harmful blocks in your unconscious mind that may be stopping you from finding relief.


Other tools that we may explore during anxiety treatment sessions include mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness practices, which include techniques like deep breathing exercises, can help you feel more present in the moment and find a sense of tranquility. Similarly, meditation can help you declutter your mind of your worries and find peace.


Regardless of the strategies we incorporate into anxiety treatment, our sessions will address your mind, body and spirit – ultimately helping you find balance in many areas of your life. Your individualized treatment plan will also incorporate your interests, such as art or journaling, in order to ensure our sessions resonate with who you are.


For five years, I have helped countless clients from different cultures and backgrounds find relief from anxiety. Even though you may feel hopeless right now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter the severity or specific triggers to your worry, there is hope and help. You can find freedom from the constraints of anxiety.


I believe anxiety treatment can help me find relief, but I still have a few questions and concerns…


I am concerned about the amount of time and money I will spend on anxiety treatment.


Anxiety treatment is an investment in yourself that can pay off now and in the long-term. Through developing an increased self-awareness and learning techniques to mitigate your symptoms, you can feel calmer, increase your productivity and be present in your relationships. Sessions are typically one hour, once per week. I also offer online sessions if you are worried about the cost of commuting to anxiety treatment. That one hour can improve your life at home and work as well as strengthen your connections with your loved ones throughout the rest of the week.


Spending the time and money on treatment now may even end up saving you more time and money in the future. By addressing anxiety sooner rather than later, your treatment may be faster and more effective than if you wait until your symptoms worsen.


How can a therapist fully understand my background and how I feel?


Even though I have not lived your life and shared all of your experiences, I have helped many clients who come from diverse backgrounds and suffer from many different types of anxiety. I also believe that anxiety treatment is most successful when it’s done within a safe and non-judgmental environment. I am warm, compassionate and will gently invite you to open up and share any and all of your experiences, thoughts and emotions with me during our sessions. I also believe in working collaboratively, which helps me to really learn who you are and develop an effective plan to find you relief from anxiety.


I am afraid of what others may think of me if I attend anxiety treatment.


Our anxiety treatment sessions are always 100 percent confidential. No one will know that you’re attending sessions unless you choose to share your experience with the people in your life. While it is common to fear that others will judge you for seeking treatment, you should not feel bad about taking the steps to improve your life. Furthermore, if you suffered from a physical condition with which you needed treatment, you probably would not hesitate to go to a doctor. Your mental health should not be any different. In fact, if you do end up telling your friends and family that you have decided to seek anxiety treatment, they will probably be proud that you have taken the brave first step toward living a calm and balanced life.


Start Living A Relaxed And Centered Life


If you are ready to stop letting anxiety control your life, I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and how anxiety treatment can help you. We can also discuss whether you may benefit from the comfort and convenience of online anxiety treatment.


Call (619) 567-7399 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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