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Online Trauma Therapy

Has A Traumatic Event Caused You And Your Life To Feel Out Of Control?

Do you often have flashbacks or intense memories that cause you to relive a traumatic experience? Do you feel guilty or shameful about the trauma you lived through? Do you avoid certain situations, interactions or places because you fear for your safety? Have your relationships with your family members and friends suffered because you tend to isolate yourself? Perhaps you feel irritable or angry toward your loved ones and can’t explain why. Or maybe you’re suffering from the physical symptoms of heightened anxiety, such as a pounding heartbeat, rapid breathing, nausea, muscle tension or excess sweating. Do you feel like you are constantly on high alert – worried that you will be faced with a traumatic memory and overwhelming emotions or that a similar trauma will occur? Do you wish you could clear painful thoughts and feelings and live a peaceful and rewarding life?


Living through a traumatic experience can take a toll on your mind and body. It may be a struggle to get out of bed each morning, especially if racing thoughts or nightmares kept you awake the night before. You may dread your daily responsibilities because you fear you may experience an unexpected flashback. You may feel perpetually hyper-vigilant, paying close attention to minor details to stay safe and focused. Or, you may also have trouble concentrating because your mind is preoccupied by traumatic memories. If faced with fear or disrespect, you may express anger and feel the need to protect yourself. You may isolate yourself from friends and family, thinking that no one else can understand your experience or how you feel. When your loved ones try to reach out, you may respond with an emotional outburst and push them away. In an attempt to numb out or feel something different, you may be turning to alcohol and/or drugs, which may help for a moment, but ultimately cause more distress and unease in your life.


Trauma Is Very Common In Our Culture


Many people believe that trauma is only caused by war or extreme disaster. The truth, however, is that trauma can result from any situation or experience that slams into someone’s awareness and causes a disturbance. In this sense, everyone has experienced some form of trauma. And unfortunately, our society does not make it easy to move forward after trauma.


Societal trends, such as prevalent violence in the media, often trigger overwhelming flashbacks in individuals who have experienced trauma. In addition, it is very common for people struggling with trauma to feel apprehensive about seeking treatment because our culture often expects us to pick ourselves up and overcome issues on our own.


The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this challenging time on your own. An experienced, compassionate therapist can help you work through difficult thoughts and feelings and find the relief you are seeking in the office or with online trauma therapy.


Conveniently And Effectively Clear Trauma With Online Trauma Therapy


During safe, understanding and compassionate online trauma therapy sessions, you and I will work together to clear the trauma, and there is no need to relive any of your painful memories. In fact, in order to ensure fast and effective results, you and I will not spend much time talking about your trauma experience(s). Instead, from the comfort of your own home, we will work together to engage your subconscious mind – the part of your mind that controls your emotions, memories, dreams and automatic responses – in order to clear the trauma symptoms.


Using Rapid Resolution Therapy, a proven, fast and effective trauma therapy approach, you can develop an understanding of your painful trauma symptoms and memories. A key point of this discovery is learning that your mind does not understand that the traumatic event you experienced is over. During convenient online trauma therapy sessions, you can update your subconscious mind and rewire your brain so it knows that you are no longer in danger. Once this connection is made, you will not need to worry about re-experiencing any past trauma.


Our sessions will also focus on taking power away from the trauma you experienced. In sessions, you get to create a new story, which will propel you toward a positive future. You’ll also have the chance to create positive affirmations and write a gratitude journal, both of which can empower you, build self-esteem and boost self-confidence.


For 13 years, I have helped countless individuals move past trauma. While you may feel overwhelmed by the negative effects of trauma, there is always help and hope for healing. The trauma you are experiencing stems from how your mind processed your painful memories, which is what my online trauma therapy sessions can quickly help you clear. Most individuals find significant relief after only 2-4 sessions.


I am interested in online trauma therapy, but still have a few questions and concerns…


I don’t want to relive or remember any of the trauma I experienced.


Not only will you not need to relive the trauma you experienced, but you and I do not need to talk about the details of your experience at all. Also, in order to ensure your comfort, we will work together at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Using the effective Rapid Resolution Therapy approach, you can clear trauma quickly and move forward in life without fearing that you will ever need to relive your trauma again.


I am worried about the cost of online trauma therapy. Will it be worth it?


You have already lost so much joy in your struggle with the effects of trauma. Investing in online trauma therapy can improve so many areas of your life. You can feel more connected to your loved ones and become more productive at work. In addition, trying to overcome trauma on your own or waiting until your symptoms worsen may end up costing you more money and time in the future. With my online trauma therapy, you can experience relief from trauma in as little as 2-4 sessions.


How is the online aspect of trauma therapy beneficial?


Attending trauma therapy sessions online is convenient. If you have a busy schedule and don’t want to commute to see a therapist in person, online trauma therapy can provide you with flexibility and results. Furthermore, using an online trauma therapy platform, I can help you clear through trauma from the safety and comfort of your home. 


Clear Trauma, Find Peace And Live A Fulfilling Life


If you are ready to move past the trauma you experienced without reliving it, I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and how online trauma therapy can help you.


Call (619) 567-7399 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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