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Grief And Loss Counseling

Are You Struggling To Move Forward Following A Significant Loss?

Are you overwhelmed with grief following the death of a loved one, the end of a long-term relationship, the loss of your job or the decline of your health? Do you often feel angry, guilty or confused when you think about who or what you have lost? Maybe you’re experiencing some of the physical symptoms of grief, such as a low energy level, uncontrollable crying, headaches, body aches or heartaches? Or perhaps you have had some bereavement time, but often still struggle with sadness. Do you feel the need to cry at unexpected times throughout your day? Since you experienced loss, have you noticed a drastic change in your behavior? Do you wish you could feel at peace with the loss you’ve experienced and find meaning and joy in life?


Experiencing a loss and the grief that follows can negatively impact many areas of your life. Throughout your day, you may overthink and worry about the person, relationship or thing you have lost. You may not pay attention to your physical health and appearance as much as you did before. At work, you may believe that your coworkers are tiptoeing around you because you are still in the grieving process. You may also struggle to concentrate on your work projects because you are so overwhelmed with grief. At home, you may express anger and frustration toward your family – putting a strain on these relationships and ultimately isolating yourself.


Experiencing Grief Is Inevitable


No one is immune to loss and grief. Some may argue that because grief is so universal, recovery should be natural – but the truth is each person’s grief is unique and therefore the grieving process can vary widely. Even though some individuals can move on with the help of family and friends, it is common to feel stuck with grief. Our society places a lot of pressure on us to pull ourselves up and keep moving, even after we experience a significant loss. Unfortunately, when individuals struggle to move on from a loss, they often feel confused and isolated. In addition, with the recent influence of social media, our losses may be exposed to the public. While some people find some support online, many end up feeling even more isolated with their grief.


Overcome Grief And Find Meaning With Grief And Loss Counseling


During compassionate and nonjudgmental grief and loss counseling sessions, I will provide you with a safe and quiet space where you can openly share the thoughts, memories and emotions surrounding the loss you have experienced. Because everyone’s grieving process is different, we will collectively create an individualized plan based on your experience and interests to help you move forward.


Our grief and loss counseling sessions can help you experience immediate relief from your grief symptoms as well as teach you long-term techniques that can help you feel more at peace in the future. During sessions, you and I can talk about the loss you have experienced and the thoughts, emotions and behaviors you have encountered as a result. To help you with some of the immediate pain or tension you may be feeling, I can teach you helpful breathing techniques and meditation practices. In addition, I am open to including spirituality into our sessions regardless of your specific religious background. And, if you are looking to connect with peers regarding the specific type of loss you have experienced, I can refer you to various community resources.


Grief and loss counseling is primarily focused on helping you make sense of the loss you have experienced and creating meaning by remembering and honoring your experience. During sessions, we can incorporate journaling to help you express your memories of the person or thing you have lost. If you are coping with the death of a loved one, I may also ask you to write a letter to this person to provide you with a way to find closure.


Two other long-term ways we can help you honor and respect the person you have lost is through conducting rituals and creating new life. In grief and loss counseling sessions, you and I can work together to plan a ritual, such as lighting candles at different times, that can help you preserve the memory of your loved one without experiencing feelings of grief. Creating and fostering new life by planting a tree or caring for a pet is another effective way to honor your deceased loved one.


For five years, I have helped countless individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds overcome grief and move forward in a meaningful and connected way. Like most people, I have also experienced significant losses throughout my life. You do not need to go through the grieving process alone – there is always help and hope. Through grief and loss counseling, you can remember, respect and love the person or thing you have lost, build from your experiences and move forward to live a fulfilling life.


I believe grief and loss counseling can help me move on, but I still have a few questions and concerns…


Only I know how I feel. How can talking to a therapist help me?


You do not need to go through grief alone. It is common to feel isolated with the memories and emotions surrounding the loss you have experience. During grief and loss counseling sessions, I’ll ask you to help me get to know you and the person or thing you have lost. Using your inner strength and my professional experience, we will work together using proven techniques that can help you move forward in life while honoring and remembering what you have lost.


Experiencing loss is so common. Why is this loss so difficult for me to overcome?


You may have experienced and overcome loss in the past, but this more recent loss may have resulted in a prolonged or especially painful grieving process. In our grief and loss counseling sessions, you and I can gain a deeper understanding about why this loss has had such a profound effect on you. You may believe that if you wait, you will naturally move forward in the grieving process. However, attending counseling sessions as soon as possible can help you overcome grief faster and more effectively than trying to work through grief on your own.


I don’t want to let go and forget about the loved one I have lost.


Grief and loss counseling is not about forgetting – it is about remembering and pulling strength from your memory to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. In sessions, you will have the chance to integrate the memory of your loved one into your own identity and incorporate him or her into the decisions you make and the life you lead.


Find Peace After Loss


If you are ready to find peace and meaning after experiencing a loss, I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and how grief and loss counseling can help you.


Call (619) 567-7399 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.
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