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Let's get your Life functioning at the Highest level!

For a free consultation, please provide us with your availability and the best way to contact you. You can request a phone or online face to face consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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We truly believe each person inherently owns the resources to achieve their greatest good and those resources lie inside of every human being, waiting to be discovered and developed. We are determined to help guide you in finding this inner treasure so that you may experience a joyful and fulfilling life.

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Esmeralda S. Christensen, LMFT, LPCC, RRT

(619) 567-7399 ext. 1



Heidi Beckenbach, LPCC

(619) 567-7399 ext. 2


Mariana Barajas, LMFT

(619) 567-7399 ext. 12

Anka Dowd, LMFT

(619) 567-7399 ext. 3

Mary Jerome, LPCC

(619) 567-7399 ext. 10

Shane Padamada, LPCC

(619) 567-7399 ext. 5

Edith Romero-Cabral, LMFT

(619) 567-7399 ext. 11

Zaire Flowers, APCC

(619) 567-7399 ext.

Brittany Woodard, APCC

(619) 567-7399 ext. 13

WARNING: While our contact portal is secure, please do not provide detailed medical or mental health information through this form.

We serve clients from the entire State of California as we are currently offering Online Therapy only.


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