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Licensed Clinical Therapist Position

LMFT - LCSW - LPCC - Psychologist

Job Description:

This position provides video counseling, via a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to adults, teens, children, and families (via telehealth only). This position requires a minimum of 10 hours per week and a maximum of 24 hours per week.

This is an online-only/part-time position, even after current health concerns have been resolved.


  • Must be comfortable using technology to meet with clients through HIPPA compliant video conferencing portal (provided), complete clinical documentation, take electronic payments via our portal and communicate collaboratively within the practice.

  • Must have a confidential quiet space to meet with clients.

  • Must have computer or iPad and maintain a high-speed Internet connection.

  • Able to perform risk assessment and evaluation for telehealth appropriateness.

  • Must arrive promptly and complete all daily tasks during the scheduled session. This includes but is not limited to assessment, treatment plan and progress notes. Discharge summaries will be required at the completion of service.

  • Develop and maintain rapport with all clients to foster a healthy professional relationship.

  • Utilize your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to manage crisis situations quickly and resolve service issues to ensure client safety and satisfaction.

  • Maintain a daily timesheet, accurately reflecting your hours worked and breaks taken.

  • Report directly to the Clinical Director for all clinical needs.

  • Report directly to Administrative Staff for all other needs.

  • Must be willing to serve clients within your scope of practice and licensure. This will be detailed in the interview process, prior to being offered a position.

  • As always, maintain a professional appearance and attitude in all interaction’s and on social media.

  • Fully licensed to practice in the State of California as an LMFT, LCSW, LPCC or Psychologist.

  • Must have and maintain Malpractice Insurance with Cyber Liability.

  • Must have completed an 8-hour Telehealth course (This was offered for free by the American Psychological Association). This is a pre-employment requirement.

  • These job responsibilities are subject to change depending on the needs of the company.  

  • Qualified applicants should have additional training to be considered for the position. This could include, but is not limited to, Hypnosis, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), PSYCH-K, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), EMDR or similar. The goal of this section is for “additional” training that you have sought out and obtained, typically after completing your formal education.

Pay Range:

  • Highly competitive pay. We will be glad to discuss upon interest. 


  • Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling or related field.

  • Applicants must be licensed in the State of California.

  • Knowledge and clinical experience with children, teens, and/or adults with mental health concerns (trauma, anxiety, transitional issues, parenting, depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.)

  • Must have knowledge of current theoretical approaches to the delivery of counseling services. 

  • Must have knowledge of strategies for examining, applying and evaluating using cognitive behavioral therapy and other Evidence Based Modalities.

  • Must have strong assessment and treatment planning skills.

  • Must have strong communication skills (written and spoken).

  • Team-oriented mentality, willing to work with a clinical team remotely.

  • Bilingual a plus, but not required.

Our Philosophy:


We strive to be the best destination for our clients and our staff, hands-down the best!

This means that our expectations will be high and as such:


  • We will hold you to a higher standard and expect that you will honor your personal statements.

  • We will expect great achievements for your clients and you personally.

  • We are looking for people that take pride in their work and are always eager to learn and grow personally and professionally.

  • We expect prompt arrival to all sessions and limited cancelations, as cancelations are for emergencies only.

  • We believe your work environment should be fun, challenging and inspiring.

  • As such, we will do everything in our power to provide you and every client the best possible experience.

  • We are seeking people that think outside of the traditional “therapy” box and are excited about all of the possibilities.


This isn’t the “right fit” for everyone, and we are OK with that. We chose to be bold, to use alternative modalities and make this practice the very best that it can be for us, you, our clients and the community at large. We consciously chose to grow personally, professionally and in our business, so that we can show up and be true to ourselves and our mission.


If this sounds like the place you are looking for, drop us a note and let’s chat.

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