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Empower Hour

It’s Time to Thrive! 

Make time for A.I.R. and C.A.R.E. - an hour a day keeps burnout at bay.


For mental health, first responding, teaching, and nursing  professionals; 

self­-care is a priority and a necessity for the work that we do.


Our counselors understand the unique needs of helping Empower Hour, to recharge professionals, and recognize how much of a positive impact the consistent practice of self­-care can have on your health, personal and professional relationships, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. We believe that everyone can make time to have an hour of Self-Care.


Our Self-­Care & Wellness Workshops are tailored specifically for Helping Professionals to:


 -Reduce Risk for Burnout & Vicarious Trauma

 -Increase Resilience & Work Satisfaction

 -Prevent Chronic Compassion Fatigue

 -Cultivate Self-­Compassion

 -Decrease Daily Stress

 -Nurture Personal Growth

 -Increase Sense of Inner Peace


We will introduce and guide you through a series of Restorative Self-Care Practices including:


 -Mindfulness Exercises

 -Guided Meditation

-Relaxation Techniques

 -Reflective Practice and More!!


Join us for an Empower Hour:


Starting January 4th, 2017

Wednesday at 6:00pm

Friday at 12:00pm

Achieve Your True Potential



To sign­up, or for further inquiries:

Contact: Shane Padamada, MA, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

(619) 567­-7399, ext. 5

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Empower Hour Therapist



Call 619-567-7399 ext. 5 

to sign up or for questions!

Empower Hour Packages

Drop­-In Group: $20

4 Group Package: $65

8 Group Package: $120



Shane Padamada, MA, PCCI 

(619) 567­-7399, ext. 5

Supervised by Esmeralda S. Christensen, LMFT #45349

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